This is how you get the best results with the GANJAR

How would you like to use your GANJAR?

Store cannabis optimally

Storing cannabis is very easy with the GANJAR and the Boveda Humidity Pads 58%. If you keep the following tips in mind, your cannabis will stay potent and tasty for much longer:

  • Be careful not to leave the GANJAR open for too long. Otherwise your cannabis will dry out and the pad will lose its effectiveness.
  • Do not place the GANJAR in direct sunlight and avoid elevated temperatures.
  • Close the viewing window when you are not using the GANJAR. This is the only way to keep your cannabis protected from light.

Fermenting cannabis the easy way

Why should you ferment cannabis?

Fermented cannabis offers a smoking experience that is unparalleled in terms of taste and smoking pleasure. It is all the more astonishing that this concept has only recently gained popularity. Regular cannabis dries out quickly and loses a large part of its aroma and THC content through exposure to light and unstable moisture conditions. The fermentation process counteracts this. The chlorophyll (leaf green) of the plant is broken down, which allows the terpenes to develop their full taste potential. The result: a refined cannabis that creates a completely new pleasure experience with a full-bodied aroma and velvety soft smoke. The following instructions are intended to help you ferment the maximum out of your cannabis harvest with the GANJAR. This procedure has proven to be the best method in our tests, but we would like to point out that the results can vary depending on the variety, initial humidity and environmental conditions.

How does it work?

It is important that your fresh cannabis crop has been dried for 7-14 days. You can recognize the ideal time for fermentation when smaller flowers break off when they are touched lightly without strings being pulled.

The fermentation takes place in the 3 phases mentioned below. Make sure to check for mold regularly. The container should never be completely full. It is important to have enough air upwards so that too much moisture does not collect. About 1.5 liters for 30 grams are ideal. After about 5 – 8 weeks your buds will have visibly decreased, but are more potent than ever and have probably turned a yellowish color.

The fermentation process could theoretically continue for over a year, but after 7-8 weeks you can stop fermenting and store and enjoy it without ventilating like your “normal” weed at 58%.

By the way: We look forward to hearing about your results. But now – have fun fermenting!

Week 1-2

Ventilate 3 times a day

  • Ventilate the GANJAR every 8 hours for 30-40 minutes until the humidity< is 65%
  • Daily mold control and redistribution to prevent moisture pockets

Week 3-6

Ventilate twice a day

  • Ventilate the GANJAR every 12 hours for 20-30 minutes until the humidity< is 65%
  • Daily mold control and redistribution to prevent moisture pockets

Week 7-10

Ventilate once per day

  • Ventilate the GANJAR every 24 hours for 10-15 minutes until the humidity< is 65%
  • Daily mold control and redistribution to prevent moisture pockets

"As soon as I unpacked it, I thought to myself "Wow, I love it already". Every part feels very high quality. After 4 weeks of use, I can't imagine going back to the regular jar. In the GANJAR everything stayed fresh and intense!"

- Jonas

"Besides fresh cannabis, the GANJAR also pleased my girlfriend "because it looks so pretty". I can't imagine using an ordinary canning jar anymore. When my mom came to visit I didn't even have to hide it because she thought it was a jukebox hahaha."

- Ricky

"Through the recommendation of a friend I became aware of the GANJAR. Visually super appealing, easy handling and successful control function for best fermentation results. Here you can see that the manufacturer has thought about customer's needs. Only to recommend, keep it up!"

- Bispo

"I have used the GANJAR to refine my herbs. The handling was very simple and trouble-free. I am completely satisfied with the result. I recommend the GANJAR to anyone who wants to get the best out of their herbs or is looking for a better storage option."

- Aziz

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