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The Canna-Vation

Why we developed the GANJAR

Our vision

A new experience of cannabis

Cannabis has long since arrived in the middle of society, so we think it’s time to get the topic out of the “dirty corner”. Therefore, we address a broad target group of cannabis connoisseurs who have high demands on quality and enjoyment. The concept of fermentation takes on a special role here, because while simple containers are sufficient for storing most consumer goods, the fine aromas in luxury goods such as cigars – or in our case cannabis – require special treatment.

Our solution for this is called GANJAR – a high-quality vessel specially designed for the fermentation and storage of cannabis. Due to its unique features, the taste and effect of the cannabis are not only preserved, but constantly evolve – like a good whiskey in an oak barrel! An extremely clean, unique high and a velvety smooth smoking experience, in addition to the unique taste experience, have convinced all our testers. In order to be able to share this exquisite form of smoking culture with as many cannabis connoisseurs as possible, we are constantly developing the GANJAR.

What is important to us

Quality made in Germany

The optimal storage of cannabis requires a high-quality container. That is why we source all parts of the GANJAR from selected partners. The powder-coated aluminum shell, the partially foiled glass container and an airtight lid made of bamboo wood ensure stable temperatures and constant humidity conditions. A sturdy stainless steel clip secures the Boveda Humidity Pad to the lid. Incidentally, these high-quality components also ensure the unique, noble appearance of the GANJAR.

Each GANJAR is hand-checked for impeccable quality and shipped to you along with a hand-signed card with the date of completion. We are working on this project with conviction and passion, so we appreciate any feedback.