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Welcome to the GANJAR Weed Blog! Here you will find interesting facts about the fascinating topic of cannabis, as well as many practical tips on cultivation and storage. We consider ourselves a trusted source of reliable and well-researched content to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse plant. Whether you’re interested in the history of cannabis, want to learn more about the different cannabis strains, or want to keep up with new studies and findings, our blog offers a wide range of articles that highlight many facets of the topic. In doing so, we attach great importance to presenting information in a comprehensible and accessible manner. Subscribe to our newsletter below and receive regular updates on the latest blog posts as well as offers in our store. Become part of our growing GANJAR community!

How does an analog hair hygrometer work?

How does an analog hygrometer work? A hygrometer is a measuring device that is used to determine the humidity in the environment. Analog hygrometers are a traditional type of these devices and use...

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Progression of CBD / THC ratio in cannabis

Progression of CBD / THC ratio in cannabis In the 70s, according to official information, the THC content in the USA was 3-4% on average. At that time, however, significantly fewer samples were...

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