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The timing of drying and breaking off the buds

Drying takes on average 7 to 14 days. Some growers even report drying for up to 30 days. It always depends on when it was harvested, where it was cut and what storage conditions you have. Irierebel explains exactly how you can cut the plants and what you should pay attention to, because timing is everything – even when fermenting. If you want to achieve the best results, your room should be around 20 ° C. Never try to speed up the process with heat!

Key facts about drying weed

  • Cut off the stems as soon as the buds are dry on the outside
  • Use a room with good air circulation
  • It is best to hang the stems upside down in the room
  • Keep the temperature at around 20 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity, check these conditions regularly.
  • Ready for fermentation: As soon as the smallest buds break off when touched and no longer pull threads (after approx. 7-14 days)
  • Harvest all of the buds and begin the fermentation process right away

Know when the drying is complete

When your buds can be separated from the stems and ready to go into the fermentation process, you’ll know when the outside of your buds feels dry (not brittle > too late). That doesn’t mean they’re already dry, because fermenting requires some moisture inside the buds.


You can test the ideal time for fermentation with your little finger. If smaller flowers break off when touched lightly without the threads pulling off, they are ready.