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The requirements for optimal weed storage for the home

Even though legalization is moving forward in many countries, people are trying to be discreet about how they store cannabis. While smaller quantities disappeared deep into the closet at a young age, with increasing age and salary, both the order quantities and the demand for quality grow for many consumers.

But which containers are suitable for quantities of 30-50 grams, while meeting all the characteristics of optimal storage?

For smaller quantities up to 10 grams and daily use, the GANJAR XS is suitable. With the small bag you can also pack the GANJAR protected in your backpack and present your flowers to many other people. The lid holds your Boveda pad (2 pieces included) which keeps your weed fresh. Perfect for quick use at home and on the road.

And which containers ensure that only selected eyes and noses can enjoy your cannabis? In this article we compare the most popular methods for storing & fermenting cannabis for you.


Large plastic freshness bag

Price: Between 1 – 5 $

Although cheap, plastic bags are not recommended for everyday use. The zip fastener sticks together with frequent use. In addition, once opened, it rarely closes properly, which allows air to enter and dry out your cannabis. After the contents have been used up, there are only dry crumbs on the bottom and the wonderful powder is difficult to use. Plastic bags are not recommended for fermentation as the container must be opened frequently to check the condition and humidity of the flowers.

X Must be stored in a light-protected room to avoid THC loss.
X Zip sticks very quickly and is often not closed properly when in use
X Powder is difficult to recycle
X content is directly visible
X Unsuitable for fermentation

Large mason jars

Price: 5 – 15 $

Due to the solid closure, canning jars are well suited to store cannabis in an odorless way. Nevertheless, preserving jars should be put back in a cupboard immediately after use in order to avoid THC loss through exposure to light. Mason jars can also be used for fermentation, but checking and replacing moisture pads is tedious. The pads are often hidden somewhere in the contents of the glass and a specific measurement of the humidity is practically impossible. The advantage of the mason jar is that the powder can be easily skimmed off from the bottom of the container with the help of hot milk.

✓ Smell-Proofed
✓ Easy to use powder
X Not protected from light
X content is directly visible
X Checking and regulating the humidity is very laborious

Ideal for storing medium quantities (20-35g) – the GANJAR S

✓ Discreet ✓ Contents not visible ✓ UV light protection film with viewing window ✓ Odorless ✓ Holder for Humidity Pads ✓ Stylish design ✓ Powder recyclable ✓ Handmade
❤ Made In Germany

Plastic container

Price: 5 – 15 $

The advantage of a plastic container (e.g. Tupperware) is obvious: it seals snacks and cannabis supplies airtight and is therefore odorless on the outside. But even if it may seem like that – Tupperware jars do not offer complete UV protection. In principle, plastic containers can be used for fermentation, as they offer enough space for moisture pads and hygrometers. However, it is best to use a fresh can so as not to mix the cannabis with drawn in odors. We recommend using BPA-free plastic containers. Tupperware states that it has been selling all products BPA-free since 2013. With other brands, the quality of the plastic should be checked before valuable flowers are stored in it. In principle, natural materials offer better conditions for long-term storage of cannabis.

✓ Smell-Proofed
Can be closed airtight
✓ Can be used for fermentation
X content is recognizable
X No complete light protection
X Danger from plasticizers in the plastic

Big fake coka-cola can

Price: 10 – 20 $

In the meantime, more and more inconspicuous fake containers can be found online, which are especially suitable for the discreet storage of cannabis. With the help of a simple screw cap, small and large quantities disappear in no time. However, there is always the risk that the fake container will be accidentally used or even disposed of by the ignorant. Since such cans are also usually very narrow, the cannabis flowers have little room to breathe or are even squeezed. This also makes fermentation difficult in this container, since neither a good view nor the regulation of the humidity is possible.

Protected from light
✓ Smell-Proofed
✓ Discreet, content not visible
X Can be accidentally disposed of
X Not a large storage volume
X Unsuitable for fermentation
X Powder is difficult to use

Aluminum can

Price: 5 -15 $

Although aluminum cans are protected from light, the lid does not close airtight due to the lack of a seal. With an intensely smelling cannabis odor can penetrate to the outside and the content dries out. Another disadvantage of larger cans: After frequent use, dents (damage) can quickly appear in the sheet metal, which means that the lid still does not close properly. Since many people are more likely to find biscuits in such a can, this container should not be stored open or easily accessible in the apartment. Aluminum cans are completely unsuitable for fermentation.

✓ Protected from light
✓ Discreet, content not visible
X Not smell-proofed
X Powder is difficult to recycle
X Unsuitable for storage and fermentation


Price: 140 – 500 $

A humidor can be used to control the storage and fermentation of cannabis because they are usually airtight and have hygrometers to measure humidity. However, it is important to ensure that the lid does not have a glass window through which light can penetrate and thus break down THC. Many humidors are also made from oil-treated cedar wood. This “wood smell” can be given off to the flowers and distort the cannabis aroma. As a result, humidors are only partially suitable for the storage and fermentation of cannabis. Furthermore, the powder from the wooden floor is difficult to recycle.

✓ Airtight closure
✓ Built-in hygrometer
✓ Suitable for storage and fermentation
✓ Smell-Proofed

X Many humidors are not protected from light
X Powder is difficult to use
X Oil-treated cedar wood can adulterate the aroma


Price: 129,99 $

Our GANJAR F-Series is optimally designed for storage, fermentation and refinement of cannabis. With stable temperatures and constant humidity, your cannabis is protected from all external disturbances, including light. As appealing as the scent of cannabis may be – the odor-proof lamella in the GANJAR ensures that only selected noses can enjoy this pleasure. The high-quality hygrometer in the lid shows you the humidity inside precisely. The GANJAR is available in two sizes and four elegant colors. So it offers your cannabis the stylish home it deserves.

✓ Discrete
✓ Content not visible
✓ UV light protection
✓ Odorless
✓ Twist-in viewing window
✓ Provides space for 40 – 50 grams

✓ High quality hygrometer in the lid
✓ Perfect conditions for fermenting
✓ Holder for humidity pads
✓ Stylish
✓ Powder Recyclable
✓ Handmade
❤ Made In Germany