– Made in Germany Jar for Cannabis Lovers

Revolutionize your cannabis experience!

GANJAR S-Series | Stores your cannabis optimally and keeps it fresh

The GANJAR S-Series is ideal for storing your cannabis and protecting it from light, dehydration and unwanted odors. Perfect to keep your cannabis fresh for a long time and to counteract the degradation of THC. The S-Series is handmade and produced in Germany.

GANJAR F-Series | Fermentation with integrated hygrometer

With the GANJAR F-Series you refine your freshly harvested cannabis. The flavors of your harvest can develop optimally through fermentation and the smoke becomes much smoother. On our How to page we show you how to achieve the best results with the GANJAR. Of course, you can use the GANJAR F-Series not only for fermenting, but also for storing your cannabis. Each GANJAR F is handmade and Made in Germany.


For storage we recommend Boveda Humidity Pads 58%. For fermentation, the moisture pads are suitable at 62%. For the GANJAR XS the 4 GRAM pads fit, the 8 GRAM pads are designed for the S- & F-Series. Matching activated carbon filters Made in Germany are available in packs of 250.