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GANJAR S-Series | Stores your cannabis optimally and keeps it fresh

The GANJAR S-Series is ideal for storing your cannabis and protecting it from light, dehydration and unwanted odors. Perfect for keeping your cannabis fresh for a long time and counteracting the degradation of THC. The S-Series is handmade and produced in Germany. 

GANJAR F-Series | Refinement through fermentation

With the GANJAR F-Series you refine your freshly harvested cannabis. The flavors of your harvest can develop optimally through fermentation and the smoke becomes much smoother. On our How to page we show you how to achieve the best results with the GANJAR. Of course, you can use the GANJAR F-Series not only for fermenting, but also for storing your cannabis. Each Jar is handmade and Made in Germany

Made in Germany

We develop and manufacture our products in Germany. The GANJAR S- and F-Series are handmade.

Worldwide Shipping

Delivery will be in a discreet packaging. You will receive a shipping-ID to track your order.

Secure payment

We offer a secure direct bank transfer. More payment options like Paypal on Etsy.


Return policy

Not satisfied? You have a 14-day right of return. Here you can find a template for the revocation.


"The product is very high quality workmanship and an absolute eye-catcher. The design is great chosen. It absolutely fulfills its function and should not be missing in anyone's home. I was thrilled from the first minute."


"I got my GANJAR already 3 days after ordering and am totally happy! Although not quite cheap, but I do not regret it one bit."


"I used the GANJAR to refine my herbs. The handling was very simple and trouble-free. I am completely satisfied with the result. I highly recommend the GANJAR to anyone looking to get the most out of their herbs or looking for a better storage option."

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"I am very happy with the Ganjar. I Have long been looking for a container that looks good and is smell-proofed. Quality and processing are excellent, I am very satisfied so far!"


"Simple, stylish design.
High quality workmanship.
Beautiful accessory in the living room."


"When I unboxed it, I thought to myself, "Wow, I love him already." Each piece feels very high quality. After 4 weeks of use, I can't imagine going back to a regular jar. In GANJAR, everything remained fresh and intense!"

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"Great jar! I am fully satisfied! Have long been looking for a nice little container where I can put my herbs without having to hide it constantly. Since the Ganjar XS have three moisture pads included and a small bag for transport, the price is completely fine for me."


"Really nice product. All components produced in high quality and it looks classy on my living room table. HIGHly recommended!"


"Besides fresh cannabis, my girlfriend also liked the GANJAR "because it looks so nice". I can't imagine using an ordinary canning jar anymore. When my mom came to visit, I didn't even have to hide it because she thought it was a jukebox, hahaha."

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"I have ordered us a Ganjar S in black and we are extremely satisfied. 70 € are indeed steep, but the piece is well processed. The price-performance ratio is good and you can tell that it is made in Germany. The Ganjar looks very nice in our apartment and the herbs do not dry out over months but remain just as juicy as we got them. We can highly recommend it to everyone."


"What more can I add here. Everything is as described in the shop. Air and light tight, first class workmanship. Simply a pleasure. I additionally monitor my 30 grams of saffron with a BT hygrometer, I'm such a genius."


"I became aware of the GANJAR through the recommendation of a friend. Visually super appealing, easy handling and successful control function for best fermentation results. Here you can see that the manufacturer has thought about the needs of the customers. Only to recommend, keep it up!"

Feedback via E-Mail

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