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Makes The Good Stuff Better
> Made in Germany jar for cannabis lovers

Storing and fermenting cannabis in style

GANJAR S-Series | Stores your cannabis optimally and keeps it fresh

The GANJAR S-Series is ideal for storing your cannabis and protecting it from light, dehydration and unwanted odors. Perfect to keep your cannabis fresh for a long time and to counteract the degradation of THC. The S-Series is handmade and produced in Germany.

Insights into the GANJAR manufactory

Welcome behind the scenes of GANJAR cannabis container production. Here, in the midst of precise craftsmanship and German engineering, a product is created that embodies not only function but also style. In a world where craftsmanship and innovation merge, a masterpiece of elegance is created: the production of our exquisite GANJAR cannabis containers.

The process begins with carefully selected aluminum tubes that are cut into precise sizes to form the basis for our fine containers. The characteristic viewing window is cut out precisely to ensure a clear view of the finest cannabis. No frills, just pure functionality and aesthetics. Next, each GANJAR container undergoes a powder coating process that not only provides protection but also adds an aesthetic refinement. The surface is wrapped in a coat that not only increases its durability but also its visual appeal. Gentle flocculation is applied inside the container. Precise drill holes in the lid are the next step, in which the hygrometers are also inserted. Made in Germany not only stands for quality, but also for the art of craftsmanship, which gives each container an individual touch and ensures the ideal climate for your cannabis.

After these steps comes the final act – testing the hygrometers to ensure that every detail works together harmoniously. The GANJAR containers are only packaged with care after a rigorous quality control. With the included Boveda pads, every detail is taken care of to perfect your cannabis experience. GANJAR – Made in Germany, for those who appreciate quality and live style.

GANJAR F-Series | Fermentation with integrated hygrometer

With the GANJAR F-Series you refine your freshly harvested cannabis. The flavors of your harvest can develop optimally through fermentation and the smoke becomes much smoother. On our How to page, we show you how to achieve the best results with the GANJAR. Of course, you can use the GANJAR F-Series not only for fermenting, but also for storing your cannabis. Every GANJAR F is handmade and Made in Germany.

In the lid of the GANJAR F-Series you will find a precise analog hygrometer that is specially designed for the needs of demanding cannabis enthusiasts. Manufactured in Germany, this component stands for quality and reliability. The positioning ensures that the hygrometer measures the humidity inside the container directly and immediately, without being affected by external influences. This guarantees precise control over the microclimate in which your valuable herbs ripen and thrive.